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    Gaucho Open Edition Print

    by Chris Broy

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    Unless otherwise noted printing specs are as stated below.

    Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 - acid and lignin-free, white cotton paper. It features a characteristic, wonderfully soft feel and boasts a lightly defined felt structure. The weight of the paper is 308 gsm.

     Print Size Image Size Border Size
    5x7 4x6 .5
    8x10 7x9 .5
    11x14 9.5x12.5 .75
    12x16 10x14 1
    16x20 14x18 1
    18x24 15.5x21.5 1.25
    20x30 17x27 1.5
    24x36 20x32 2
    30x40 26x36 2
    36x48 30x42 3
    40x60 33x53 3.5

    *All measurements are in inches. 

    I am a gaucho, and take this from me as my tongue explains it to you: for me the earth is a small place and could be bigger yet --the snake does not bite me nor the sun burn my brow. I was born as a fish is born at the bottom of the sea; no one can take from me what I was given by God --what I brought into the world I shall take from the world with me. It is my glory to live as free as a bird in the sky: I make no nest on this ground where there's so much to be suffered, and no one follows me when I take to flight again.


    To city people gaucho was often a synonym for barbarism, but with time the less violent aspects of gauchos prevailed in popular imagination, and by extension, gaucho comes to be a description of anything strong and simple, well-done or well-made. A gauchada in modern Argentine slang means the action of a friend, doing a favor. 

    The image takes up the entire print area with no border. Available in two sizes:

    • 8"x10"
    • 12"x16"

    Open vs. Limited Edition Prints

    Prints are produced in series called editions. Every edition contains a number of prints made from a single plate in a single run. Unlike unlimited edition prints (also known as open editions), that can be reproduced an infinite number of times, limited editions are (as their name suggests) made in limited amounts. Limited editions can contain anywhere between 2 and several thousand prints, depending on the technique used and intent of the artist. Prints from small editions retain exclusivity and reach higher prices than large edition prints. The original article can be found here.