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    Dot Smith Limited Edition AP Print

    by Chris Broy

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    What is an Artist's Proof? According to the UK Fine Art Guild:

    The initials ‘AP’ instead of a number at the bottom of an image means ‘artists’ proof’. With artists’ prints, these are a necessary part of the production process, where proofs are taken until the artist is happy with the print. In the case of reproductions, artists’ proofs are a marketing device produced to satisfy demand from buyers who collect this type of print. In fact, the first proofs are identical to the rest of a run of reproductions.

    My AP Editions are numbered out of 5 for each size. Of those 5, I make 3 available for purchase. These are never offered again, and as such are the rarest and most valuable of prints. 

    *Due to the aspect ratio of the original image a bit more border has been added to the sides of some print sizes.